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Your request to get an English-Speaking job in Barcelona, either as a candidate or foreigner, will be granted as this is the proper post search for every job position in Barcelona.

There are plenty of English-speaking jobs in Barcelona, which can still help develop your language skills; however, Barcelona is used to speaking Catalan, but that doesn’t English-speaking jobs are not available.

In Barcelona, English Speaking Jobs offer an excellent means of stability; hence, working in an English Speaking job in Barcelona retributes the eligibility process.

Details On English Speaking Jobs In Barcelona

To work in Barcelona as an employee or worker, you must acquire the correct requirements to gain the job positions.

If a company is ready to or has offered a candidate or applicants a job contract, you must apply not to miss the opportunity.

I portray the essential platform for a better understanding to learn more about the requirements and applications website for the various jobs.

Acquiring An English-Speaking Job In Barcelona

If you move to Barcelona without proficiency in Spanish, the easiest way to find an English-speaking job in Barcelona is primarily in hotels, bars, or restaurants.

English is your first language, or do you speak English like a native speaker? Go for English teaching jobs in Barcelona.

You will quickly find a job at the University of Barcelona, international schools, and language schools; you can also work as a nanny or au pair in families with good English skills.

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Even if the hotel industry or teaching English is not your dream job, it’s a starting point to kick-start your life in Barcelona.

Why It Is Easy To Look For A Job Offer In Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities globally, and as a place to live, it has a variety that most other cities cannot compete with.

It is also a fantastic place to live, and it is located on the coast with beautiful beaches right in the city’s heart, such as Mar Bella.

Few cities allow you so many options for leisure and culture. FC Barcelona is one of the most famous football teams globally, playing at the famous Nou Camp stadium.

Below, we will guide you on what sort of jobs in Barcelona you can expect to find, mainly if you are an English-speaking person.

Work For English Speaking Jobs And English Speakers In Barcelona

Most of the advice on this page is aimed at English-speaking people looking for English Speaking jobs in Barcelona.

Unfortunately, Barcelona will be one of the most challenging places in Spain to find work if you are an English speaker.

Even if you are fluent in Spanish, the problem with Barcelona is that they are fiercely nationalistic and speak Catalan, not what we know as Spanish, Castilian (Castellano in Spanish).

The sections below concentrate on the best possibilities for finding English jobs in Barcelona. As a general rule, the city is best for finding professional jobs with major international companies based in Barcelona.

However, there are attractive opportunities for English speakers to seek English Speaking Jobs in Barcelona.

English Speaking Jobs In Barcelona

These are one of the following English speaking jobs:

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1. Blu Recruitment Consultant (English Speaker Job For English Speaker)

Your responsibilities and impact as a Recruitment Consultant will be: from your first responsibility, and you will ensure a qualitative total candidates’ recruitment process by:

Salary: €22,488/yr


  1. Analyzing the client’s needs and establishing a profile and search plan to respond to it
  2. Sourcing and hunting candidates using the company’s network
  3. Developing new sourcing channels
  4. Advertising open vacancies
  5. Qualifying Candidate through the interview
  6. Designing your own candidates’ network
  7. Following up with candidates
  8. Being involved in the Candidates’ career management
  9. Participating in the online marketing strategy and company visibility & positioning
  10. Leading & being part of Ad-hoc projects


  1. Identifying the Leads and developing new clients partnerships
  2. Managing your account with weekly & daily communication with your Client
  3. Being the SPOC of your Client within Blu Selection
  4. Developing and maintaining a good and close relationship with your Clients
  5. Defining the recruitment needs of your Clients
  6. You will work in a dynamic environment; your flexibility and adaptability will be crucial to success.
  7. Your team is composed of ex-pats living a good life balance in Barcelona.


  1. Education: Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, communications, or a related discipline.
  2. Experience: Minimum 5+ years of experience in communication strategy and execution, content creation, writing, or similar experience.
  3. Language: Native English; Conversational Spanish desirable.
  4. Strong attention to details
  5. Excellent writing skills, editing and proofreading, and the journalistic ability to source stories from employees.
  6. Speaking skills: Ability to give presentations to staff with sensitivity to the company’s Mission and Values and an ability to relay them to employees.
  7. Knowledge of layout/design and graphics. Knowledge of design software (i.e., Adobe suite) is a plus.
  8. Familiarity with digital and video means of communication; video editing is highly desirable.


  1. Flexible shift
  2. Barcelona based
  3. Home Office 1-2 days
  4. Multicultural environment
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Apply Now

Available English-Speaking Jobs In Barcelona

  1. English-speaking Operations Manager
  2. Lead Creative Manager
  3. Enterprise Success Manager
  4. Teacher of English with potential TLR
  5. Partnership Manager
  6. Team Member
  7. English Analyst
  8. People Coordinator
  9. Customer Experience Specialist – English speaker
  10. Back-office Support Advisor
  11. Media Buyer with a native level of English
  12. English Sales Representative
  13. Fashion Customer Service Representative -English market.

English Speaking Jobs In Barcelona Salary

A worker’s average wage for English Speaking Jobs In Barcelona is worth over €22,488/yr (twenty-two thousand four hundred and eighty-eight euros) per year or 2,000 per month.

Conclusion On English Speaking English Speaking Jobs In Barcelona 2023/2024

You can see the above lists of English Speaking Jobs In Barcelona 2023/2024; with additional benefits, you will get a more conducive and strategic atmosphere.

The article above gives crucial information about the English Speaking Jobs In Barcelona for candidates and foreigners to start applying for.

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