Suppose you are looking for an opportunity to work as a truck driver in Ontario, but you doubt whether the pay isn’t worth the job description.

This post will educate you and maybe convince you to make the right decision on the type of trucking jobs with high pay. 

 Truck driving is a very lucrative work that requires skilled and educated personnel. And with this work comes the payment and responsibilities. 

Job Description:

Truck driving is mainly known for helping people/companies transport their goods (perishable and non-perishable).

Many trucking jobs in Ontario include transport truck drivers, delivery truck drivers, recycle truck drivers, and ice road truck drivers. Among these trucking jobs are selected few with high pay.

Some Of The Highest-Paid Trucking Jobs Are Listed Below (ranked in no particular order):

  1. Ice Road Truck Driver
  2. Short Haul Owner Operator
  3. Long Haul Owner Operator
  4. Line Haul Owner Operator
  5. Work From Home OTR Trucking

  1. Ice Road Truck Driver: As the job title implies, ice road truck drivers are primarily responsible for transporting and delivering loads across frozen waterways during the winter months.

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It is quite a hazardous career, but as a result, it also pays very well. Ice road truckers earn the most on a pay-per-season for trucking jobs.

You can always continue working another trucking position for the remainder of the year if you want to make even more.

SALARY: $75,941 per year

Short Haul Owner Operator: This trucking involves routes approximately 150 miles. Short-haul truckers might drive multiple pathways in a single day.

Some of the types of Highly paid Trucking Jobs in Ontario are: But as a short-haul driver, you will be home most nights.

You’ll operate in familiar territory rather than constantly figuring out new routes and new docks.

SALARY: $123,895 per year

 Long Haul Owner Operator: A long haul owner-operator transports goods or cargo to one or more locations, In which most of the trips are always thousands of miles.

SALARY: $120,858 per year                 

Line Haul Owner Operator: A line haul owner-operator drives cargo from terminal A to terminal B. One’s primary duty as a line haul driver includes configuring the rig to pull each type of load safely.

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As a line haul owner-operator, one’s responsibility only requires the operator to engage in cargo transport. The driver does not take part in loading or unloading in any logistics operations.

SALARY: $118,156 per year

Work From Home OTR Trucking: A work from home OTR truck dispatcher is responsible for receiving an order from a client and arranging driver and trip scheduling and all driver communication while on the job.

This type of communication may include information about vehicle breakdowns, project and traffic delays, or delivery issues.

SALARY: $103,945 per year


  • Driving and operating trucks.
  • Inspect the truck before starting the journey.
  • Pick up goods and materials.
  • Verify loads for accuracy.
  • Deliver them safely as instructed.
  • Load and unload cargo, Etc.

Salary Of Truck Drivers In Ontario

The average salary of highly paid truck driving jobs in Ontario is between CA75k – 130k per year.

Available Highest Paid Truck Driving Jobs

According to Canada’s job bank, the highest paid truck driving jobs in Ontario is specified below. 

  1. Transport truck drivers
  2. Delivery Truck driver
  3. recycling truck driver
  4. Garbage truck driver
  5. Power truck driver, etc

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Conclusion On Highest Paying Trucking jobs in Ontario

According to the update on the highest-paid trucking jobs, it is evident that trucking jobs are also lucrative, and one can earn more than the average citizen in Canada working as a truck driver.

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