Suppose you are looking for an opportunity to work in the New Zealand Army and are currently dismayed because of your nationality, i can confidently tell you that you can be recruited into the Army even as a foreigner today!

Foreigners should no longer be worried about this as it will be discussed in this post as ways to get in and be recruitment processes will all be highlighted.

Therefore, I encourage every reader of which this topic is of keen interest, to strictly read all the information provided on this post and adhere to them to avoid making mistakes in your recruitment application process.

The New Zealand Army Recruitment

The Army usually recruits up to 500 soldiers a year to replace those leaving; the Army needs to replace aging workers to retire in the next ten years.

Even though there is good demand for army soldiers, competition for some specialist roles can be high.

The New Zealand Army comprises around 4500 staff, so make sure you strive your way to achieve that big dream of becoming a New Zealand Army.

Requirement For Applying Into The New Zealand Army As A Foreigner

Be aware that Joining New Zealand as a foreigner is not open to all countries because of Covid-19; however, some countries are exempted from this but are also excepted to meet a specific requirement.

  1. You must be a current serving member of the UK, New Zealand (NZ), USA, or Canadian Armed Forces.
  2. Have been a citizen of either the UK, NZ, USA, or Canada for a minimum period of 10 years, or have been living in NZ for a minimum period of 5 years
  3. Be eligible for release from current service within 18 months of applying, and
  4. Meet current vacancy and rank criteria at the time of application.
  5. Undergoing a medical exam with your current military doctor and must have all the medical forms completed
  6. You are expected to have a security clearance at the required level for your role.
  7. You also will be required to give evidence of your current security clearance so that it will be transferred to the NZ security agency for approval.
  8. Apply for a NZ Permanent Residence class visa, and your Offer Of Service will be used to facilitate your application.
  9. Apply for an NZ Permanent Residence class visa via the Skilled Migrant category
  10. Finally, if you are successful through the recruitment process, you will need to gain an NZ Residence class visa, giving you the right to live and work in NZ.
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For more information about foreign Recruitment into the New Zealand Army, visit this page –

Aid In Your Recruitment Process

You will interact with two key staff during the application process:

  • A Lateral Recruiter who will review your application, interview you and gain necessary approvals for your application, and
  • A Candidate Engagement Facilitator (CEF) will assist you in ensuring that you have forwarded all the documents, medical checks, and other requirements to enable us to progress your application as quickly as possible.

New Zealand Army Application

The New Zealand Army is currently taking applications for the subsequent trades and rank levels from Overseas candidates.

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Electronics Technician  CPL/SGT
Armoured Combat Specialist (Crewman) CPL (Crew COMD qualified applicants only)
Engineer CAPT
System Engineers (Signals)  SGT/SSGT
Ammunition Technician SGT
Dental Assistant  CPL/SGT/SSGT

Benefits Of Foreigners In The New Zealand Army

  1. All service personnel are provided with subsidized medical and dental care –
  2. Upon enlistment, members of the Regular Force are entitled to apply for service housing
  3. You have an entitlement to annual leave is 25 working days, whereby the statutory leave entitlement is 11 public holidays each year.

Guideline For Applying To The NZ Army

A lot of people fail in many applications not because they are not qualified, but because of numerous mistakes. So take note of the following:

  • Endeavor to apply on time, do not wait for the deadline.
  • Make sure the application form and processes are filled by no one else except the applicant
  • Keep yourself updated concerning the application
  • Make sure you supply all the necessary requirements and do not lie
  • Candidates are to apply for one job position, Candidates who attempt to apply multiple times will have their application disqualified
  • Take time to crosscheck your details before submission.
  • However, the online application is free.

Latest Update On New Zealand

Calling all soon-to-be graduates! Applications for the 2023 Public Sector Finance Graduate Programme are now open.

Over three years, you’ll gain experience in a range of different finance teams across multiple government agencies – including us.

Application closes: 2nd May 2022

For more details visit – NZDF in partnership with DIA, is supporting the Public Sector Finance Graduate Programme.

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Conclusion On How To Join The New Zealand (NZ) Army As A Foreigner

You will enjoy plenty of benefits as a soldier in the Army, such as gaining recognized qualifications, world-class army training in NZ, the opportunity for career advancement, ongoing job security, and an excellent pay scale. You, therefore, have no limitation regarding you being a foreigner from applying for the New Zealand (NZ) Army.

The application website gives crucial information about how to join the New Zealand (NZ) Army As A Foreigner for candidates to start applying now.

After applying, and you finally getting recruited, you can subsequently enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work while contributing to the defense of NZ.

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