Do you wish to get a job in New Zealand as a Filipino? They are many diverse jobs for Filipinos to apply for during these beautiful seasons.

New Zealand was and is still rated sixth worldwide for work-life balance, and there are many outstanding works in New Zealand.

The country also scored highly for job security and career progression, providing an excellent reason to move there and work; therefore, you need not worry about feeling too buckled down under pressure.

The New Zealand job market is looking for many committed, loyal, and passionate individuals working with a team to develop the country.

Now proceed below to get all the requirements, the latest vacancies, salaries, and other related information regarding Jobs In New Zealand For Filipino and to portray the safeguarding course of the interests in New Zealand.

Job Description

If you’re thinking of coming to New Zealand to work for a few years as a Filipino, or maybe even to settle, you’ll need a work or resident visa.

Therefore, if you are interested in working in this agile, highly adaptive, and welcoming environment, i urge you to go through this article and get updated with the latest recruitment.

Applying for jobs before getting a visa is perfectly acceptable, and legal employers generally understand the situation; when you get a job, there are various requirements step below:

  1. Determine the visa type you need
  2. Choose how you want to apply
  3. Register online
  4. Prepare Requirements
  5. Submit your online application
  6. Wait for your New Zealand Visa.

Application Process for New Zealand Visa

  1. Determine the type of New Zealand Visa that you need to apply for
  2. Register online to process your application
  3. Prepare and submit additional required documents
  4. Submit your passport to VFS
  5. Wait for the results of your New Zealand Visa.

Top Demanded Jobs In New Zealand For Filipino

New Zealand is popular among Filipinos who want to work abroad for potential financial and other essential reasons.

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There are many reasons for this: you can get a career and a life, and the country’s work-life balance is one of the best in the world.

For another, New Zealand is safe, secure, clean, and most important, beautiful, and so much more; these are the following most-demanded jobs in New Zealand for Filipino below:

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  1. Radiologists
  2. Stenography
  3. Science Jobs
  4. Engineers
  5. Construction Workers
  6. Information Technology Jobs
  7. Hospitality and Tourism Jobs
  8. Farmers
  9. Teachers
  10. Nurses
  11. Factory Workers
  12. Psychiatrists.

Jobs In New Zealand For Filipino

You are considering coming to New Zealand as a Filipino to work for a few years or maybe even settle, you need to search for jobs that produce enough money, but before that, you’ll need a work or resident visa.

Suppose you are looking for a job offer in New Zealand; the Jobs In New Zealand For Filipino is one of the best work benefits.

Find or search your preferred choice in the Jobs section and start your application immediately to get your favorite positions in New Zealand.

Fresh Food Assistant-Jobs In New Zealand For Filipino

A Fresh Food Assistant helps in food and beverage preparation, serving customers assistants to ensure excellent customer service is provided to clients.

Sometimes, Fresh Food Assistants also describe duties like planning meals, ensuring food safety, cleaning machines, and utensils, and preparing food.

They deal with most of their talent by alleviating the structure of freshly made food and being the potential assistant to such a position.

Their role includes assisting with food preparation in the kitchen, keeping buffets stocked with fresh dishes, and clearing away dirty plates and cutlery.

The Company Working Environment

The company work environment characteristics described here represent those associate encounters while performing the essential functions of Fresh Food Assistant.

They usually have reasonable accommodations that may enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.

While performing the duties of this job, the associate is frequently exposed to wet and humid conditions and moving mechanical parts.

Salary: the average salary is estimated to be NZ$17-NZ$22 per hour-NZ$1,018 per year per worker or employee.


  1. Effectively process and manage customer orders from when they have been received until the product ships, utilizing the industry database system.
  2. Provide support in managing e-commerce transactions and monitoring inventory levels.
  3. Track customer orders through delivery.
  4. Ensure special customer requirements are accurate, current, and noted on orders.
  5. Work effectively with sales personnel to resolve any issues or disparities regarding shipments.
  6. Prepare and serve appropriate quantities of food on time, ensuring good quality, and prepare, cook, and assemble sandwiches, burgers, fries, salads, meats, fruit, vegetables, and cookies.
  7. Assemble items to be served and sold at designated food service area locations.
  8. Prepare food for transport across campus or to other District locations, maintaining appropriate records as assigned.
  9. Prepare food service facilities for serving food; assure that filling lines are adequately stocked with adequate food, beverages, and supplies.
  10. Collect tickets and money for the meal and ensure the customers are in a light mood.
  11. Implement quick decisions and problem-solving in sudden and unplanned situations in product sales and production.
  12. Provide professional customer service in a fast-paced environment, focusing on process improvement and contributing to improving teamwork and workflow.
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  1. Successful experience in an administrative or sales support role focused on customer service and data entry.
  2. Must be 18 years and above.
  3. Experience in the produce industry.
  4. Strong computer skills are a must, with proficiency in MS Office.
  5. Experience with iTrade preferred.


  1. Full training benefits
  2. Gym and insurance discounts
  3. Opportunities for career progression
  4. Financial perks
  5. Employee discount
  6. Grocery discount card
  7. Discounted online shopping delivery
  8. Diverse and inclusive team environment


  1. Customer service skills.
  2. The ability to work well with others.
  3. Patience skills
  4. Basic math skills
  5. Physical agility skills
  6. Available for shift work
  7. To be thorough and pay attention to detail
  8. Sensitivity and understanding skills
  9. Persuading Skills
  10. Negotiating skills
  11. The ability to use your initiative
  12. Excellent verbal communication skills.

Job Details

Post NameFresh food Assistant
QualificationHigh School Diploma
Employment TypePart-Time/Full-time
Salary NZ$17-NZ$22 per hour-NZ$1,018 per year 
Working Hours8 hours
Job LocationAuckland, New Zealand

Steps to Apply For Jobs In New Zealand For Filipino

These are the necessary steps below:

  1. Click on the  ‘Apply Now ‘ button below
  2. You will see various available jobs under
  3. Fill in the crucial details or information
  4. On the other side, you will get to see the registered word (click on it)
  5. Then click to submit.
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Apply Now

Salary For Jobs In New Zealand For Filipino

The average salary for a Jobs In New Zealand For a Filipino worker or employee is about or earn 4,354 NZD per month, while an employee makes over NZ$27 per hour or NZD$56,160 per annum based on a 40-hour week.

Available Jobs In New Zealand For Filipino

Below Are The Following Available Jobs In New Zealand as a Filipino:

  1. Carpenters
  2. Warehouse Operator
  3. Painters
  4. Electrician
  5. Equipment Operators
  6. Mechanics or Automotive Technician
  7. Welders
  8. Account Payable Officer
  9. Metal Workers
  10. Client Service Executive
  11. Mechanical Engineers
  12. Train Drivers
  13. Plumbers
  14. HR Officer
  15. Receptionist
  16. Customer Service.

Conclusion Details On Jobs In New Zealand For Filipino

In New Zealand, it’s easy to work in the country once you have the required visa requirements; you can get different jobs as a Filipino, and positions are not left out.

Before deciding on job employment, you must carefully consider how much the jobs in New Zealand chosen profession is in demand and whether it is sufficiently paid.

After analyzing the statistics, you as a Filipino can easily decide on the position and achieve heights in the chosen career in the future.

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