This article is made available for foreigners seeking ways to join the Belgium Army considering and this post will give you a detailed outline of the Belgian Army.

The Belgian army is currently in search of vast people of different backgrounds which means they are open and are welcoming recruit foreigners from different countries to join their Army.

In Belgium, most positions which were only for nationals, are now also open to EU nationals. In Belgium, EU nationals, who are also Belgian residents, are almost considered Belgian citizens.

Read through this article and get answers on ways to join them as a foreigner and also take a quick look at the salary that this workforce has to offer.

Details On The Belgian Army

The Belgian Army is the army of Belgium that is part of the Armed forces and is responsible for fighting wars and keeping the country from domestic and international threats that may seem to arise.

The Belgian Armed Forces has 30,174 active personnel currently serving in the military, with 1,673 reserves and the military’s annual budget is €3 billion (£2.4bn) – 1.2% of the country’s GDP.

Requirement For Foreigners To Join The Belgian Army

  • Foreigners can either have the nationality of a country of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.
  • If the Belgian army asks for a diploma, degree then the one you got in your country has to be equivalent to the Belgian ones ( Enic-Naric can deliver an official certificate )
  • Foreigners are expected to have an official certificate that proves their‘ good behavior ‘ making sure that they don’t have a criminal record.
  • If you want to become a simple private all you have to do is be able to speak Dutch or French.
  • If you’re looking to become a non-commissioned officer however you’ll also need a Highschool diploma
  • Applicants have to give written permission so that the Belgian Defense can do a security check
  • To become an officer you’ll need to attend the Royal Military Academy (Which is a bilingual university).
  • Applicants are required also to pass the entrance exams after which you’ll get a basic training course of about 10 weeks and some more specialized training.
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The official website for the Belgian Army is  –

Processes For Foreigners To Join The Belgian Army

  1. The future military officers are recruited from the young Belgian and European nationals who graduated the secondary education.
  2. They must pass knowledge and fitness (physical, psychological, and medical) tests before entering the Academy.
  3. The basic education and training of the officers of the Belgian Army, Navy, and Air Force are mainly provided by a joint institution: the Royal Military Academy.
  4. The Royal Military Academy is recognized, like any Belgian university, as a higher education institution enabled to deliver degrees in the three cycles of European higher education.
  5. The Belgian officers must, in order to be commissioned, obtain a master’s degree in Social and Military Sciences or in Engineering Sciences at the Academy, or for specific professions related to medicine, merchant navy, industrial engineering, e.g. in civilian institutions.
  6. The vocational aspect of the basic education and training is also provided by the Academy, in cooperation with the operational units and the branch training centers.
  7. Within the RMA, the military students, apart from the two compulsory national languages (Dutch and French), must learn English or German as a second foreign language.
  8. In the course of their career, the Belgian officers will be proposed advanced education and training at the Defence College, within the RMA structure: Captain’s course, Major’s course, and Advanced Staff Course
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Areas Of Specialization

These are the areas of specialization in the branches of the Belgian Army to help applicants study and get into a specific field

  • Bachelor – Engineering Sciences – Social and Military Sciences
  • Master – Engineering Sciences specializations proposed in weapon systems and ballistic, in construction, in mechanics, in telecommunications – Social and Military Sciences specializations proposed in management and weapon systems, in political and military sciences

Study these courses while in the military school so that when you are about to apply you can fit into the course you read and when you get finally recruited, you can deliver your work effectively and efficiently.

Salary For The Belgian Army

The highest salary for a Military in Belgium is €2,563 per month. The lowest salary for a Military in Belgium is €1,827 per month.

Conclusion On Joining The Belgian Army As A foreigner 2022/2023

Joining The Belgian Army As A foreigner 2022/2023 website also has information on entry options, positions, the enrollment process, and basic training, in particular, take a look at the questions that deal with eligibility and starting your career, and life in the Forces.

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Review the requirements on the Joining The Belgian Army As A foreigner 2022/2023 website. Their web page on Careers has information on the various occupations available in the Forces.

You, therefore, have no limitation regarding you being a foreigner from applying for the Belgian Army so make use of the application website as it gives crucial information related to Joining The Belgian Army As A foreigner 2022/2023 for candidates to start applying now.

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