In this guide, you will find information about medical internship training across Australia, including the program structure, supervision, assessment, completion, and how to be involved in your Internship.

There are various and diverse internship programs in Australia as earlier said they will all be highlighted on this post with their application link so make sure to find the right program.

With this internship, you will have the opportunity to apply, consolidate and expand your clinical knowledge and skills, and progressively increase your responsibility for providing safe, high-quality patient care.

Anyways, the requirement and how to apply will be addressed in this post, make sure to follow all due processes critically so as to be successful in your quest.

How Medical Internship In Australia Works

In Australia, all medical graduates must successfully complete an internship before becoming generally registered with the Medical Board of Australia.

An intern training program may be provided by one or more health services, but during an internship, you will usually be employed through one facility. You may complete terms in public and private hospitals, general practices, and community-based facilities.

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A senior clinician often called the Director of Clinical Training, will oversee the intern training program. They also play an important role in supporting interns and liaising with term supervisors on remediation.

Your internship is a key part of the transition from medical school to independent practice and specialty training and focuses on practical (on-the-job or work-based) training under supervision from senior colleagues, who also provide you with support, feedback, teaching, and assessment.

Lists Of Ongoing Medical Internship In Australia 2022/2023

There are a lot of ongoing medical internships across Australia for international students and all you need to do in order to acquire one is to meet all the requirements laid down by the medical association of Australia.

1. Postgraduate Medical Council of Western Australia

Interns undertake a series of term rotations designed to provide experience in a range of clinical situations. Interns must satisfactorily complete:

  • A term of at least eight weeks that provides experience in emergency medical care
  • A term of at least 10 weeks that provides experience in medicine
  • A term of at least 10 weeks that provides experience in surgery, and
  • A range of other approved terms to make up 12 months (minimum of 47 weeks of full-time equivalent service).
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Intern training may be undertaken part-time, but once started, must be completed within three years. Applications for 2023 WA medical intern positions open at 12 pm noon (AWSTMonday 9 May 2022 and close at 12 pm noon (AWST) Thursday 9 June 2022. Apply here on the official website of PMCWA

2. Medical Internship in South Australia

There are six health networks in South Australia where you may undertake your intern year. During this year you may request, or be required, to undertake one or more rotations in any of the locations within the networks.

Internship eligibility criteria
  1. To apply for an internship in South Australia, you must comply with the following criteria: Have graduated from a medical school in the last two years (to start an internship in 2023, you are a medical graduate of the 2022 or 2021 cohort).
  2. Applicants who completed their medical degree at a non-Australian university must have completed both Part 1 and 2 Australian Medical Council exams.
  3. Can demonstrate that you meet the English Language Skills Registration standard.
  4. Be able to begin working on the January start date, which includes compulsory orientation, and fulfill the minimum 12-month contract.
  5. Have completed electronic medical record (Sunrise EMR and PAS) medical student training.
  6. Be able to demonstrate that you will meet the requirements for registration with Ahpra.
  7. Have NOT commenced or completed an internship or worked as a doctor before.
  8. Be an Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, Australian Temporary Resident, New Zealand Citizen, or New Zealand Permanent Resident.
  9. Have a residency status or visa that allows you to work unrestricted in Australia for the duration of your prevocational training.
  10. Have completed and submitted an online application, including the provision of valid supporting documentation, by the application closing date.
Internship Dates For The South Australia Medical Internship
Intern application open date: Monday 9 May 2022
Intern application closing date:Thursday 9 June 2022
Referee report completion date: Friday 17 June 2022
Rural Intern Pathway interviews: Monday 27 June 2022 – Friday 1 July 2022 (TBC)
Rural Intern Pathway provisional offers: Commence Monday 18 July 2022
Metropolitan Intern provisional offers: Round one commences Wednesday 20 July 2022

Late application will not be considered, hence, make use of this link to visit their official website and apply – SAMET

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3. Queensland Medical Internship

The Queensland Department of Health coordinates the annual campaign to recruit interns for positions in Hospital and Health Services across the state.

These are the ongoing hospitals that are recruiting interns in Queensland;

Facility nameTotal intern positions
Bundaberg Hospital11
Caboolture Hospital17
Cairns Hospital51
Gold Coast University Hospital92
Hervey Bay Hospital8
Ipswich Hospital35
Logan Hospital39
Mackay Base Hospital35
Mater Hospital16
Mount Isa Hospital5
Princess Alexandra Hospital88
Queen Elizabeth II15
Redcliffe Hospital30
Redland Hospital5
Rockhampton Hospital36
Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital94
Sunshine Coast University Hospital72
The Prince Charles Hospital30
Toowoomba Hospital50
Townsville University Hospital75

The Dates for the application include the following; Queensland rural generalist pathway:

  • Application opens – 8 March 2022 9am (AEST)
  • Application closes –  22 March 2022 4pm (AEST)

Check your eligibility and Apply here  General Intern Campaign

  • Application opens – on 9 May 2022 at 9 am (AEST)
  • Application closes –  9 June 2022 3pm (AEST)

Check the official site here also

4. Junior Doctor Training Program – ACT

The junior doctor training program has an internship program for both international students and domestic students provided you meet the requirement. The JDTP has 2 streams:

  • Rural Primary Care Stream – provides funding for salary and educational support for junior doctors working and training in rural primary care settings
  • Private Hospital Stream – provides salary support for junior doctors working in private hospitals and supports up to 115 internships and up to 80 PGY 2 and 3 eligible junior doctor places in the 2022 training year.

The PHS junior doctor training program has just been closed for the 2022 application. The official website for the Junior Doctor Training Program is here 

5. HEITI Medical Internship – NSW

The HEITI medical internship will be officially opened nationwide on 9th May 2022 and is ready to accept those who comply with their requirements.

The Health Education Training Institute (HETI) coordinates the annual medical intern recruitment process, placing final year medical graduates and eligible applicants that have graduated from AMC accredited universities into intern positions in NSW Hospitals and Health Facilities/Campuses.

To apply for an intern position in NSW an application needs to be lodged online through the NSW Health Careers Portal via the Medical Intern Recruitment Campaign tile during the specified application period.

Similarly, if applicants wish to apply for a position at one or more of the 12 Rural Preferential Recruitment (RPR) hospitals, then separate application(s) also need to be submitted via the NSW Health Careers Portal via the Medical Intern Recruitment Campaign.

By accessing the MIRA Intern Recruitment Campaign tile, applicants can use the direct link to apply to the RPR hospitals The official website for the HEITI is here

6. Junior Medical Officer Recruitment

The main round of JMO recruitment has now closed however the second round will commence or will be re-advertised in the second round from 5 October 2022.

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Check out the official page and also apply here for clinical 2023.

7. Eastern Health

Eastern Health (Victoria) has a medical internship ongoing for 2022, so make sure to meet the requirement of the PMCV for different groups.

There will even be an online session beginning from April 19th to April 20 2022 to inform applicants about the internship and to answer questions.

Visit the official site and apply here

Other Medical Internship In Australia

  1. AMA (NSW) – visit the official site here
  2. Joondalup Health Campus – the official site is here
  3. Medical Board Ahpra – Official website is here

Salary Of Medical Interns In Australia

The average medical intern salary in Australia is $79,500 per year or $40.77 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $68,361 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $85,946 per year.

Conclusion On Medical Internship In Australia For International Students 2022/2023

You can see for yourself the above lists of Medical Internship In Australia For International Students 2022/2023, you can apply from wherever you are fitting perfectly the one that suits you in order to be considered for now’s your chance, with this selection of Australian Medical Internship In Australia For International Students 2022/2023.
You, therefore, have no limitation in taking them up and finally getting recruited into any of the Medical Internship In Australia For International Students 2022/2023 jobs
The article above gives crucial information about the Medical Internship In Australia For International Students 2022/2023 for candidates to start applying now.
After your search, applying, and finally getting admitted, you can subsequently enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to realize your future career.
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