The United Arab Emirates (UAE) or the Emirates is known for its presence of oil and is a member of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

In this article, the information on the Oil and Gas Jobs in UAE will be provided for freshers or new employees to understand better.

Shortlisted freshers should know that the process of acquiring the Oil and Gas Jobs is not very easy to get.

However, if the presence of the requirements is needed, there is a greater chance for you to get into the Oil and Gas Company.

Oil and Gas Jobs in UAE for Freshers 2022/2023 have come to the surface for interested individuals to start registering for the various jobs.

The Oil and Gas Jobs requirements in UAE for Freshers will also surface to introduce the assignments better.

Entry Level Oil and Gas Jobs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

For freshers aspiring to enter the Oil and Gas Job in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there are the following steps to take or the procedures for 2022/2023:

Names of the JobsExperienceOther Techniques
Laboratory Technician-Engineer3+Years ExperienceLaboratory Ops/Techniques
Laboratory Technician- Manager20+Years ExperienceLaboratory Ops/Techniques
AIS Project Manager20+Years ExperienceProject Manager
Lead Integrity Engineer 20+Years ExperienceReliability Engineer
Technical Assitant3+ Years ExperienceDocument Control
Laboratory Technician-Senior Engineer8+Years ExperienceLaboratory Ops/Techniques
Laboratory Technician-Lead Engineer12+Years ExperienceLaboratory Ops/Techniques
Engineer Reliability6+Years ExperienceReliability Engineer
Engineer Reservoir Management8+Years ExperienceReservoir Engineering
Planning Engineer10+Years ExperiencePlanner/Scheduler
Manager Technical Project5+Years ExperienceIT-Analysis & Management, Project Managemen, Technical Manager
Senior Engineer, Reservoir Simulation8+Years ExperienceReservoir Engineering
PMC As-Built Coordinator13+Years ExperienceCAD/CAM
PMC Senior Quality Surveyor13+Years ExperienceQuality Surveying
Team Leader, I-C Maintenance (C&A)10+Years ExperienceInstrument & Controls Engineer Maintenance Manager
Team Leader, Quality Management System10+Years ExperienceQA/QC/Inspection
Senior Officer, Crisis & Emergency 12+Years ExperienceEmergency Response Environmental, Safety & Training HSE Manager/ Advisor
Business Development Manager10+Years ExperienceBusiness Development
Principal Administrative Specialist8+Years ExperienceSecretarial or Administrative
Senior Engineer, Network6+Years ExperienceIT-Networking & Telecom

Oil and Gas Jobs For Freshers

These are the lists of jobs for freshers concerning the Oil and Gas sector:

  1. Engineering Science
  2. Maintenance and Inspecting
  3. Drilling
  4. IT Services
  5. Drilling and Rigging
  6. Production
  7. Geosciences
  8. Refining Manager
  9. Petrochemicals
  10. Human Resources
  11. Maritime
  12. Chemical Engineering
  13. Geophysics
  14. Minning Scientist
  15. Hydrographic Surveyor
  16. Energy Engineer
  17. Geochemist
  18. Engineer Geologist
  19. Wellsite Geologist
  20. Petroleum Manager.

Oil and Gas Jobs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Salary

A table is shown below indicating the listing of Jobs and Salary:

Job TitleRangeAverage
Drilling EngineerAED 110k-AED 705kAED 267, 500
Reservoir EngineerAED 200k-AED 564kAED 213, 049
Petroleum EngineerAED 243k-AED 705kAED 312, 431
Senior Reservoir EngineerAED 186k-AED 497kAED 322, 793
Project EngineerAED 0-AED 0 (Estimated *)AED 106, 000
Financial ControllerAED 0-AED 0 (Estimated *)AED 228, 000
Procurement SpecialistAED 0-AED 0 (Estimated *)AED 149, 929

Requirements to Get a Job in the Oil and Gas for Foreigners

Basic requirements for Foreigners in the Oil and Gas Sector:

  1. The foreigners must get a residency permit, legitimate work, and legal passports.
  2. They need to procure a legitimate career, visa, and residency permit
  3. The foreign can get into the oil and gas sector at the age of 18
  4. A physical examination must be put through (relating the oil and gas segments)
  5. The foreigner should indulge in good-spirited work mind towards their work
  6. The foreigner should know providing solutions to the oil and gas company.

Oil and Gas Vacancies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

These are magnificent vacancies below:

  1. Marketing Manager – Oil and Gas
  2. Oil Analyst
  3. Fuel Oil Trader
  4. Oil and Gas Lawyer
  5. Process Engineer
  6. Managing Trading Oil and Fats
  7. Audit Manager- Upstream Oil and Gas
  8. Engineering Manager

Oil and Gas Jobs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) For Foreigners

Below is the list of jobs for foreigners applying for the job:

  1. Al Masaood Oil and Gas Abu Dhabi Careers Job
  2. Emarat Careers-Oil and Gas in Dubai
  3. Planning Engineer
  4. Process Engineer (Oil and Gas)
  5. ADNOC Careers in Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
  6. Total Oil and Gas Company
  7. Petroleum Control Analyst
  8. Crescent Petroleum Sharjah Career Jobs Vacancies
  9. General Helper Required For Oil and Gas Plant
  10. Senior Recruitment Consultant-Oil and Gas
  11. Arabian DC Oil and Gas Job Vacancies
  12. Helper Oil and Gas
  13. Open Positions for Oil and Gas Offshore in UAE
  14. ENOC Careers UAE
  15. Technical Administrator (Oil and Gas)
  16. Civil Foreman-Oil and Gas
  17. Quantity Surveyor- Power Upgrade
  18. Tatweer Petroleum Jobs in Bahrain
  19. Petroleum Oil/Gas/Workers
  20. UAE-Oil and Gas Company Requires Scaffolder Spray Painter Sand.

There are lots of Jobs under the Oil and Gas, which both foreigners and citizens can apply for working intentions.

The Portal for the UAE oil and gas (ADNOC) is, while the ENOC is

The Reserves for the Oil and Gas sector in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), based on the oil and gas input, profits immensely from the country’s contribution.

Most of the oil comes from the Zakum field, mostly known as the third-largest in the Middle East, estimated to sixty-six (66) billion barrels.

Of the 100 % (hundred percent), thirty (30 %) mainly come from the oil and gas sector, entrenching the development of the United Arab Emirates.

The government’s significant oil reserves come from Abu Dhabi, which has the most oil, with ninety-two (92) billion barrels.

Meanwhile, Dubai has about four (4) billion barrels, including Sharjah, with one point five (1.5) billion barrels.

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