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Do you wish to engage and work in Part-Time Jobs In Dubai as a Housewives? Here is a privilege for you to be involved in this fantastic cleaning job.

The available Part-Time Jobs In Dubai For Housewives will surface in this article to enlarge your knowledge and help the candidates.

To be sincere, the candidate approaching this Part-time job should portray the description of cleanliness and uniformity among themselves.

You should know that the candidates should bring authentic documents and requirements while applying for the Part-Time Jobs In Dubai For Housewives.

Hence surf through this post, digest it more enthusiastically and encourage more individuals to partake in this job while you register.

Job Description

Luckily, there has been a gradual, encouraging, and fast-rising demand for part-time workers or employees in Dubai, even housewives.

It is well known that part-time jobs help businesses produce costs, increase the suitable interest of flexibility, and employ more talent among its residents.

Part-time Jobs in Dubai are numerous to begin with; hence if you are living in Dubai as an individual, check out all the latest part-time jobs you can apply for, and part-time jobs can earn money in Dubai.

Part-Time Jobs In Dubai For Housewives

This concrete description of one of the fantastic part-time jobs in Dubai engulfs its responsibilities, requirements, and skills.

Part-time Jobs grants and such policies and other positions services, part-time jobs are excellent for young housewives looking to make extra income for the family.

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Many opportunities for part-time employment arise in various situations, from personal recommendations to acquaintances or friends.

Below this article; are all the available and ongoing Part-Time Jobs In Dubai concerning the eligible Housewives wanting to register and be surveyed thoroughly.

Other Part-time Jobs In Demand For Housewives In Dubai

Here is the list of some most straightforward ways homemakers/ housewives can earn money in Dubai:

  1. Selling Handmade Products Online
  2. Cooking
  3. Freelance Writer
  4. Becoming a Child Tutor
  5. Make-Up and beautician work
  6. Online Surveying
  7. Online Data Entry.

Data Annotator-Dubai-Part-Time Jobs

As a data associate, you will work closely with the product and machine learning team; your role would involve taking ownership of transcribing, tagging, and annotating data for training.

Data annotation– a critical step in supervised learning–is the process of labeling data to teach the AI and models to recognize specific data types to produce relevant output.

This project allows researchers to collect large amounts of interesting data points from a wide variety of individuals and allows people who like annotation work to participate in various tasks.

Data annotation has applications in diverse sectors ranging from chatbot companies, finance, and medicine to government and space programs.

Salary: The highest salary for a Data Annotator in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Area is AED 18,000 per month or AED 49.76 and as low as AED 7.45 per hour.

Data annotation types

  • Text annotation.
  • Image annotation.
  • Video annotation.
  • Audio Annotation.
  • Key-point Annotation.


  1. Analytical mathematics.
  2. In-depth knowledge of ML libraries.
  3. Programming languages like Python, Java, C++, etc.
  4. Image analysis algorithms.
  5. Visual Database Management.
  6. Understanding of dataflow programming skills


  1. Have access to a Computer OS, which should be Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, and above.
  2. Must be flexible to learn a new set of standards and work independently.
  3. Have experience in using web browsers to navigate and evaluate different types of content.
  4. Must be eligible to work in the country where you have resided in the past five years.
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  1. Data annotation ensures that AI or ML projects are scalable
  2. Work on engaging in the accurate
  3. Efficient annotation of data (image, text, audio, signal) using the provided tools
  4. Test the data for outliers.
  5. Test data for missing values or null values.
  6. Ensure labels are consistent with conventions.


  1. It leads to the creation of a reliable and intelligent AI engine.
  2. Explore possible career options from other innovative facilities.
  3. Vacation, sick leave
  4. Competitive salary most times
  5. Get trained with a supervised learning process accurately for the right prediction.
  6. Retirement benefits.

How To Apply For Part-Time Jobs In Dubai For Housewives

These are the steps below:

  1. Click on the ‘Apply Now ‘ button below
  2. You will see various available part-time Jobs
  3. Fill in the crucial details or information
  4. Then click to submit
  5. Please note no false information on the website.

Apply Now

Available Part-Time Jobs In Dubai For Housewives

These are the following part-time jobs for housewives below:

  1. Assistant specialist.
  2. English Language Teacher.
  3. Admin Coordinator – Part-time.
  4. Sales Representative.
  5. Customer Assistant.
  6. Part-Time Recruitment Officer.
  7. Room Attendant Part-Time.
  8. Reception Services Officer – Part-time.

Salary For Part-Time Jobs In Dubai For Housewives

The average part-time jobs salary in Dubai is AED 32.5 per hour or 40.03 per hour for interested housewives seeking job employment.

The average Part-Time Jobs In Dubai For Housewives salary is about AED2,000, AED4,000 – AED5,000 a month.

Conclusion Details On Part-Time Jobs In Dubai For Housewives

You can see the above post of Part-Time Jobs In Dubai For Housewives as it justifies that even while working outside of your field of study, you can have some great benefits when looking for a permanent description.

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The details in this article must be displayed thoughtfully, and the website for registration or application concerning the Part-time Jobs In Dubai must be considered.

The application website gives crucial information about the Part-Time Jobs In Dubai for applicants, candidates, or housewives.

While deciding on your job, you must carefully consider how much the chosen profession is in demand and whether it is profitable.

Being a Part-time housewife, you will work on a team of office cleaners alone, so collaborating with others, following your supervisor’s instructions, and staying on task are critical.

When choosing a better reference for the available Part-time Jobs In Dubai selection for housewives, you must write correctly to avoid any mistakes.

I have established and portrayed the prominent detail or information concerning the available cleaner part-time jobs and the website to find, register, and find the job you choose.

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