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If you’re interested in migrating to Japan to work to conduct research, gain knowledge and make contributions to your field, you have many options of jobs to consider here.

People who enjoy using their skills to analyze data can find jobs in Japan that enable them to advance in their field and professional lives.

Exploring the information below and the latest vacancies can help you determine and apply for the interested job that suits your field.

Job Description

A research career is diverse: Research is wide-ranging: it includes natural and life sciences, engineerings, and fields such as Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Research may range from statistical analysis to demographic investigations, such as the impact of technology on social inclusion or exclusions.

In general, the Applicant should meet one of the following three criteria to work in Japan as a researcher:

  • Possess a Master’s degree, or.
  • Have at least three years post-graduation experience. This can include time spent undertaking graduate school research or.
  • Have at least ten years’ research experience.

If you have fully fulfilled any of those three requirements mentioned above, apply for a research job in Japan as they will assist in helping with the Visa application.

Types Of Research Jobs In Japan

  • Medical Research Scientist
  • Life or Biological Science Researchers
  • Agricultural Researchers
  • Mathematician Researchers
  • Physical Scientist Researchers
  • Research Psychologist
  • Program Researcher

Available Research Jobs In Japan For Foreigners

Riken is a large scientific research institute in Japan, it now has about 3,000 scientists on seven campuses across Japan and has several vacancies for interested candidates to apply for.

They include;

1. Seeking a few Research Scientists, Postdoctoral Researchers or Research Associates

The Laboratory for Homeodynamics is recruiting a few Research Scientists, Postdoctoral researchers, or Research Associates.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Research Scientist – Carry out research and other work in accordance with the research themes of the team.
  • Postdoctoral Researcher – Carries out research and other work in accordance with laboratory research themes under the mentorship and training of supervisors.
  • Research Associate – Carry out the research in the team/unit under the direction of their supervisor.
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Qualifications A person who is able to dedicate themselves to the job by communicating, coordinating, and collaborating smoothly with people in and out of the laboratory.

  • Research Scientist – A Ph.D. holder in the area related to the Job description.
  • Postdoctoral Researcher -A Ph.D. holder who earned a doctorate within the past five years in the area related to the Job description.
  • Research Associate – A master’s degree holder in the area related to the Job description or a person recognized as having the equal ability. A person who also actively pursues Ph.D. in his/her future, with clear intention and determination for advancing to a higher position, such as Research Scientist.

2. Seeking Technical Staff for Neuroscience Research

Job title, available positions

  • The technical staff I (discretionary labor system) or technical staff Ⅱ(nondiscretionary labor system) 1 position
  • The technical staff I must provide technical support independently to implement the lab missions.
  • Technical staff II must provide technical support under the direction of the supervisor.
  • The Applicant will be assigned to an appropriate position based on his/her ability, aptitude, etc.


  • Responsibilities of this position include providing technical support to researchers performing single unit recordings in behaving animals.
  • The technical staff member would be expected to assist with a new project seeking to investigate the role of thalamic inhibition in stable perceptual experience.
  • This would include supporting behavioral/electrophysiological/optogenetic experiments using animal models (mice) being performed by lab members and associated duties such as animal care and feeding.
  • If there is interest, the individual would also be trained to use fiber photometry systems to measure brain activity optically.

Qualifications They welcome all enthusiastic and candidates with the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree (Life/Natural sciences or engineering preferred)
  • Sufficient ability to communicate in English and in Japanese.
  • Technical skills and curiosity are a plus

3. Seeking a Team Leader

RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS), led by Center Director Satoshi Matsuoka, is an international research center in Japan’s high-performance computing and computational science.

As the Team Leader of a new team at R-CCS, the successful candidate will be responsible for leading the team in conducting research and development on the following prospective research topics, with collaboration occurring between computer sciences and computational sciences.


  • Research on cyber-physical systems that enable interactions between physical space and information infrastructure.
  • Research on building digital twin infrastructure that not only simulates physical phenomena but also simulates the physical infrastructure of information and communication technology.
  • Research on formulating a platform on Fugaku as a representative of computer sciences, in collaboration with teams that run physical simulations on digital twins (e.g., smart networks that build and operate sensors for large-scale smart cities).
  • Research to create advanced system architectures inspired by the digital twin.
  • Research to explore dispersed information infrastructure of the future that closely integrates high-performance computing infrastructure, broadband communications, and high-performance AI.
  • Research to enhance the Fugaku system using the technologies above.
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  • Applicants should make a significant contribution to the enhancement of the Fugaku system and next-generation supercomputers.
  • Applicants should be willing to facilitate the synergy between computer science and computational science and should have a long-term vision to explore the development of a common infrastructure that broadly supports computational science and technology.
  • Applicants will have demonstrated the ability to successfully lead a group of scientists and ability equivalent to professors who supervise research at graduate schools.
  • Applicants should have the ability to lead internationally in research fields related to the job description above.
  • Applicants are reviewed regardless of nationality.
  • Further, applicants must be collegial, independent in their pursuit of research, and have the communication skills necessary to carry out research.

4. Seeking Technical Staff I

*Technical staff I must provide technical support independently to implement the lab missions.

The successful candidate will assist and carries out experiments, data analyses, data and document management, and other work related to the lab’s research projects.


  • The candidates should be highly motivated in the team’s research topics
  • The candidates should be proactive, have good communication skills, and be able to cooperate with the relevant personnel to fulfill the tasks
  • The candidates should have research experiences in a relevant field (e.g., psychology, sleep, neuroscience, engineering, computer science, statistics)
  • The candidates should have experience in conducting human experiments and data analyses
  • The candidates should be proficient in a programming language (e.g., Matlab, R, Python)
  • The candidates should have a BA or expect to receive a BA before the date of employment

5. Seeking a few Postdoctoral Researchers or Research Scientists

The job description – Theoretical study of emergent phenomenon for strongly correlated quantum systems under equilibrium and nonequilibrium conditions using various numerical techniques such as quantum Monte Carlo method, tensor network method, density matrix renormalization group method, and exact diagonalization method.

Job title

  • Postdoctoral Researcher or Research Scientist: 2 positions
  • Postdoctoral Researcher is defined as those with a doctoral degree of 5 years or less.
  • Research Scientist is defined as those with a doctoral degree of more than 5 years.

*The Applicant will be assigned to an appropriate position based on their ability, aptitude, etc.

Qualification  The candidate should possess a doctoral degree by theoretical study in the field of condensed matter physics, or the candidate will be able to obtain a doctoral degree by theoretical study in the field of condensed matter physics before the work starting date.

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How To Apply

  1. There are still over ninety research jobs in Riken, Japan; hence refer to the link below.
  2. Once you are there, you can make use of the search boxes to filter the jobs you want
  3. Use the category, the work type and the location to get the precise research job of your type and then apply.

Apply Now

Salary Of Researchers In Japan

The average pay for a Research Scientist is JPY 8,320,437 a year and JPY 4,000 an hour in Japan.

The average salary range for a Research Scientist is between JPY 5,874,136 and JPY 10,294,530.

On average, a Doctorate Degree is the highest level of education for a Research Scientist.

Conclusion On-Research Jobs In Japan For Foreigners 2023/2024

You can see the above lists of Research Jobs In Japan For Foreigners, with the additional benefits of your learning and working in a strategic environment.

Now’s your chance, with this selection of Research Jobs In Japan For Foreigners; you, therefore, have no limitation in taking them up to start and continue your passion.

The article above gives crucial information about the Research Jobs In Japan For Foreigners 2023/2024  for high school students to start applying.

After your search, applying, and finally getting recruited, you can enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to gain a beautiful experience.

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