Do you wish to be part of the School Cleaning Jobs in Sydney? You will indeed partake in this job and be interested cause these School Cleaning Jobs open a different world entirely.

School Cleaning Jobs In Sydney pave the way and time for fellow individuals and come in different job positions and benefits.

While their general duty is to ensure that schools are clean, their work is divided into categories.

These categories can be described as taking care of the school equipment while cleaning the school environment and ensuring the school equipment is cleaned properly.

Surf through this post and get the information and details you need, as you will be provided with training, development, and an environment filled with team spirit, and make sure that you apply for an interested one.

Below are some of the potential ethics of information concerning the school cleaning jobs, and then I encourage you to digest this post with much excitement.

Job Description

While registering for the School Cleaning Jobs In Sydney application, candidates need to bring authentic credentials and requirements for applying.

It also shows the critical requirements, including skills, knowledge, and education for the school cleaner position; most recruiters will expect prospective candidates for the job to be considered for hire.

School Cleaning Jobs portray other roles by assisting the gardeners with specific gardening activities such as raking leaves and picking up and disposing of cut grass.

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There are many things school cleaning can do to help the place they are working, they can demonstrate their beautiful character, and they are sure to get unlimited benefits.

Now proceed and get all the latest information regarding School Cleaning Jobs In Sydney, the requirements, skills, and benefits it engulfs.

School Cleaning Jobs In Sydney

Therefore, I will portray the essential information you need to know as an individual seeking School Cleaning Jobs In Sydney.

It would be best if you diligently read the following information about the School Cleaner and the other factors that comes with it.

School Cleaner-Full Time Day Cleaner

School Cleaner assists in providing summer school cleaning of buildings, including lifting and removing furniture from school rooms, cleaning floors and blinds, washing walls, doors, furniture, etc.

School Cleaner performs the role description of removing debris from buildings each day, ensuring school restrooms are cleaned, sanitized, and providing the school furniture is kept in the right place; that is another responsibility of a school cleaner.

School Cleaners or School Keepers are to provide a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness throughout the school working process.

Most times, they perform cleaning duties in the facility to keep areas clean and orderly; they assist with outside cleaning and maintenance duties.

School Cleaners are expected to make repairs on small equipment and broken desks, chairs, door parts, windows, etc.

Salary: the average salary for School Cleaner-Part- Time Day Cleaner in Sydney, NSW, is about AUD 23.37 per hour.


  1. Cleaning certain parts of the school site
  2. Vacuuming carpeted areas and washing floors
  3. Dust and mop hard flooring using appropriate cleaning devices such as brooms and mops
  4. Clean and dust furniture such as desks and chairs
  5. Wipe down grubby hand marks and sanitize floors
  6. Perform cleaning functions throughout school facilities
  7. Perform outdoor maintenance, landscaping, and operating machinery
  8. Assist in minor repairs and filter changes
  9. Empty trash bins and clean / wash bins regularly
  10. Sweeping uncarpeted areas
  11. Emptying and cleaning bins
  12. Spot cleaning of spillages
  13. Cleaning desks, seats, and skirting boards
  14. Cleaning toilet areas and replenishing toiletries.
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  1. Changes air filters; clears clogged drains and commodes; repairs power cords; replaces tissue holders, window shades, broken windows, etc.
  2. Assists with outside cleaning chores, which include sweeping sidewalks.
  3. School cleaners maintain high standards of cleanliness throughout the school.
  4. Cleans classrooms, restrooms, offices, corridors, walls, and windows daily or as scheduled; sweeps, mops, vacuums, and waxes floors.
  5. Operates various equipment and machinery, including water vacuum and band.


  1. Proven working experience as a Cleaner
  2. Ability to handle heavy equipment and machinery
  3. Knowledge of cleaning chemicals and supplies
  4. Able to manage time effectively
  5. Ability to work both alone and in a team
  6. Awareness of health and safety procedures
  7. Reading skills for following instructions
  8. Integrity Skill Acquisition
  9. A high school degree is advantageous.


  1. Improved Parental Involvement
  2. More Productive Teaching
  3. Fewer Absences and Sick Days
  4. It Helps prevents illnesses and allergies
  5. Increased Equipment Performance
  6. Cost-Effective School Cleaning
  7. Certified On-Site Problem-Solving
  8. A Healthier School Building.

Apply Now

School Cleaning Available Jobs In Sydney

These are the following School Cleaning Available Jobs In Sydney:

  1. School Cleaner
  2. Part-Time School Cleaner
  3. Casual Cleaner
  4. Cleaner Area Support
  5. Cleaner PT
  6. South West Sydney School Cleaners
  7. Office cleaner
  8. Casual Cleaner required
  9. Office And Residential Cleaning
  10. Commercial Cleaning.

School Cleaning Jobs In Sydney Salary

The average Office Cleaning Jobs In Sydney, NSW, Australia, is AUD 23.37 per hour in Sydney, while, in some places, they can pay up to AUD 27.49 per hour in Sydney NSW and AUD 53,611 per year.
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Conclusion On School Cleaning Jobs In Sydney

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