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In this article, you will access various skilled worker job listings, openings, and career possibilities for Skilled Worker Jobs In Canada.

For unskilled skilled worker jobs in Canada, go through this article, find suitable jobs that suit your attitude and skills, and apply.

When qualified for skilled worker jobs in Canada, you should have all the correct requirements and documents before applying; hence read further for a better understanding!

What Are A Skilled Jobs

Skilled labourers are workers who have acquired the necessary skills and training to complete building and construction-related jobs.

Their duties differ depending on the task, but some responsibilities include painting, drilling, flooring installations, and plumbing and electrical jobs.

Every employer is searching for a dependable, skilled labourer to join our excellent construction crew; the skilled labourer’s responsibilities include ensuring clean and safe worksites.

The worker deals in erecting scaffolding, spreading gravel, using drills, jackhammers, and other power tools, and assisting with heavy machinery.

An outstanding skilled labourer should be hungry to expand their skill set, increase their level of expertise, learn from other crew members, and receive off-site training wherever possible.

To be successful as a skilled labourer, you will have completed apprenticeships and acquired practical skills and can take instruction from superiors and complete on-the-job training.

Essential Tasks

  • Moving materials to the worksite and ensuring all tools, machinery, and other equipments are safely set up.
  • Operating equipment like drills, pneumatic hammers, shovels, pikes, and other heavy machinery.
  • They assist with various electrical and plumbing installation procedures and obey health and safety codes and the company’s principles.
  • They remove hazardous materials from sites and spread gravel, asphalt, and other materials over surfaces.
  • Performing site and equipment inspections and attending meetings and workshops.
  • Completing on-the-job training and ensuring tasks are completed to deadlines.
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Skilled Worker Job Offers In Canada

There’s a massive demand for the workforce in Canada, so you should take the opportunity to apply for an entry-level job at any company that employs skilled jobs in Canada.

For skilled worker jobs in Canada, go through this page, find a suitably qualified job that suits your attitude and skills, and apply.

Please read all the detailed information regarding all the skilled jobs in Canada with their currently opened positions for you to start applying now.

Renovation Skilled Worker-Cabada

A renovation worker typically performs demolition work, breaking down old structures and hauling materials away in preparation for some renovation projects.

Renovation skilled worker deals with following instructions from construction project managers and supervisors and loading and unloading building materials.

They have a site by removing hazardous materials and debris from the worksite, assisting craft workers such as carpenters or electricians with their duties if needed.

Renovation skilled workers also support the building process, lending a hand to skilled artisans, including electricians and plumbers.

Salary: The average renovation salary in Canada is $45,825 per year or $23.50 per hour; entry-level positions start at $39,000 annually, while most experienced workers make up to $61,448 per year.


  1. Assembling and breaking down barricades, temporary structures, and scaffolding.
  2. They assist contractors, e.g. electricians and painters, as required.
  3. Use explosives to demolish structures according to instructions
  4. Prepare and apply construction materials to build systems or fill gaps (e.g. cement)
  5. Smooth and level new concrete or other materials
  6. Clean out the site from debris and discarded material and place traffic signals where appropriate
  7. They assist with the transport and operation of heavy machinery and equipment.
  8. They regulate traffic and erect traffic signs.
  9. Ensure construction equipment and tools are cleaned and stored correctly.
  10. Digging holes, tunnels, shafts, mixing, pouring, and levelling concrete.


  1. Physical Strength and Endurance
  2. Dexterity and Hand-Eye Coordination
  3. Building and Engineering Knowledge
  4. Strong Reading and Math Skills
  5. Memory skills
  6. Communication skills
  7. Experience with Technology.
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  1. Health insurance.
  2. Employer matching retirement plans.
  3. Additional insurance (life and disability) coverages.
  4. Paid vacation and leaves.
  5. Financial incentives and performance bonuses.

General Industrial Worker

General Industrial Worker responsibilities include keeping the production area clean, preparing machinery and equipment for use, and working the production line as instructed.

General Industrial worker completes quality assurance testing on goods and products and maintains proper storage for warehouse material and product inventory.

They organize inventory in an easy-to-access process, utilize machinery such as forklifts to load orders and move materials or completed products and packages to established locations.

Salary: The average general industrial worker’s compensation in Canada is $30,908 per year or $15.85 per hour.

Entry-level positions start at $27,300 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $39,000 per year.


  1. High school degree or equivalent; vocational school or trade apprenticeships a plus
  2. Some experience in construction preferred
  3. Ability to physically stand, bend, squat, and lift to 50 pounds
  4. Able to work independently or as an active member of a team
  5. Excellent communication skills.


  1. Industrial workers are professionals who often work in factories to operate machinery and meet production goals.
  2. Monitoring the assembly line and removing faulty products.
  3. Working on the production line and meeting production targets.
  4. They report any issues to the supervisor on duty and perform other assigned tasks.
  5. These roles often require a resume demonstrating the candidate’s skills and expertise.


  1. Decision-making skills
  2. Multitasking skills
  3. Creative problem-solving skills
  4. Collaboration skills
  5. Communication skills
  6. Professionalism skills
  7. Integrity skills
  8. Management skills.

Available Skilled Worker Jobs In Canada

These are the available skilled worker jobs in Canada:

  1. Multi-skilled worker, Pt
  2. Maintenance Painter
  3. Maintenance Worker Pt.
  4. Meter Tester Helper
  5. Personal Support Worker​/PSW
  6. Roofing Production
  7. Heavy Duty Mechanic – Field
  8. Technician – Health Equipment Loan Program
  9. Archaeological Inventory Specialist
  10. Field Repair Worker.

How To Apply For Skilled Worker Jobs In Canada

These are the steps below:

  1. Click on the ‘Apply Now ‘ button below
  2. You will see various available skilled works jobs
  3. Fill in the crucial details or information
  4. On the other side, you will get to see the registered word (click on it)
  5. Then click to submit.
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Salary For Skilled Worker Jobs In Canada

The average skilled worker salary in Canada is $40,463 per year or $20.75 per hour; entry-level positions start at $30,391 per year, while most are experienced ones.

Conclusion On Skilled Worker Jobs In Canada

This post provides crucial and potential information about the Skilled Worker Jobs In Canada for the benefit of interested candidates wishing to apply!

You can apply from wherever you fit perfectly; the one that suits you to be considered for now’s your chance to acquire Skilled Worker Jobs In Canada.

You should know that you have no limitation or obstacle in taking them up and getting recruited into any Skilled Worker Jobs In Canada.

While deciding on your skilled worker job, you must carefully consider how much the chosen profession is in demand and whether it is profitable.

After analyzing the statistics, you can easily decide on the speciality and achieve heights in your chosen profession in the future.

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