If you are in search of making a career change or having a long-life dream of joining the South Australia Police, then you are on the right and authentic post as you can get all the information and directions to fill out the South Australia Police Recruitment form.

There are over 40 career options including police officer, protective security officer, community constable, and administration support roles to choose from in the South Australia Police Recruitment.

On this page, our goal is to bring the most suitable (and motivated) applicants up to speed in the required testing fields.​

Also, we’re also committed to helping you make an informed decision on your journey to the recruitment process of the South Australia Police.

South Australia Police Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form Updates

South Australia Police Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form is officially out for candidates to start applying now the session 2022/2023 Please note that some positions may only be open to Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Applicants/Candidates should access the South Australian Police Recruitment website and follow all processes concerning the Recruitment stages so as to be considered and recruited.

Details On The South Australia Police

The South Australia Police (SAPOL) is the police force of the Australian state of South Australia directed by the commissioner of Police, who reports to the Minister for Police.

Their services include;

  • They provide emergency assistance, 000 (emergency telephone number)
  • Non-urgent assistance, 131 444 (non-emergency telephone number)
  • Crime prevention
  • Child protection
  • Coordinating and managing emergency response
  • Responding to domestic violence
  • Undertaking police checks
  • Preventing vehicle crashes
  • Regulating road use
  • Registration and licensing of firearms
  • Administering expiation notices
  • Liquor licensing enforcement
  • Statewide security
  • Upholding the law.
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Rudimental Requirement For South Australia Police (SAPOL) Recruitment

  1. You must either be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or hold Australian permanent residency to join SA Police.
  2. You must be of 18 years and above
  3. You must have a C class (car) Australian driver’s license and have experience driving both manual and automatic vehicles.
  4. Must have an approved vaccination status in compliance with the current directions of the Commissioner of Police.
  5. Evidence of vaccination will be required (COVID-19) and no eyesight issues.
  6. A high level of fitness is required of applicants
  7. Should have a 12 years completion in school
  8. If you are applying to become a police officer or protective security officer, you are required to complete literacy and numeracy tests.
  9. These tests cover spelling, reading comprehension, numeracy, written expression, computer document formatting, and typing skills.

Recruitment Process For South Australia Police 2022/2023 Application

  1. Once you’ve determined that you meet our eligibility criteria and submitted your application,
  2. you’ll undergo a rigorous recruitment process that aims to determine whether you’re right for the job.
  3. You will be invited for an evaluation and testing session for IQ Test and personality Profile
  4. After evaluation of your testing, we may invite you to attend a panel interview.
  5. You will carry out policing duties such as completing the following exercises running 80 meters, running 25 meters carrying two 15kg weights, crossing a slippery balance beam, doing 20 step-ups e.t.c
  6. After the process, you will be contacted if the board selects you and your training will begin.

Document Procedures For The SAPOL Recruitment

This is a simple draft of the application given and must be completed by the person applying which includes;

  1. Printing all details clearly and legibly in your own handwriting so do not type.
  2. South Australia may be referred to as SA in the application.
  3. If an item is ‘Not Applicable’ Enter N/A for the application will be assessed on content & legibility.
  4. Indicate with a cross in the correct box, if your answer is “YES” or “NO”
  5. You must make full disclosure of any legal proceedings instigated against you, regardless of the length of time since or the outcome of the offense/incident.
  6. Overseas applicants should submit a relevant Police Clearance Certificate.
  7. All sections of this application must be answered for timely and complete submissions will expedite the application process and incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  8. Evidence of successful completion of the SAPOL Recruitment Test (TAFE SA) must be submitted with your application (not required for the country and interstate applicants).
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Note – Please refer to the website (www.achievemore.com.au) for further information.

If you have need of further instruction please contact Police Recruiting on (08) 7322 3353.

Ensure that you have read and understood the instructions before entering any details in the application.

Also, have in mind that penalties may be imposed upon any person who obtains entry into the SA Police through false representation

Applicant Checklist

The checklist is included to assist applicants in avoiding the sometimes lengthy delays or rejection that may occur as a result of the submission of incorrect or incomplete applications. It is recommended that applicants make use of this checklist prior to any attempt to lodge an application. The checklist includes;

  1. Make sure that you have successfully completed the SAPOL Recruitment Test (TAFE SA)
  2. Hold a Bachelor’s Degree from an Australian University
  3. Have an ATAR score of 70 or more
  4. Make sure you completed the application in full
  5. Have you signed and dated the application form on both pages in Section 16?
  6. Have you gathered and photocopied all applicable supplementary documents as described in the Instructions Section?
  7. Have you ensured that you are able to submit all the supplementary documentation within the required timeframe?
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Summary On South Australia Police Recruitment (SAPOL) 2022/2023 Application Form

The portal of the South Australia Police Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form is now given on this site above for your one-click so as to access the site.

The application website gives crucial information related to the South Australia Police Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form for candidates to start applying now.

Make sure that you apply for the recruitment if it’s of interest to you as you follow all the procedures available and pursue your goal once you finally get recruited into the SAPOL.

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