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Working and living in Kuwait is a wonderful adventure offering perfect work-life balance. You’ll work hard, and with your tax-free income, can play hard, too!

Many diverse positions are waiting to be filled up in the teaching industry in Kuwait, and all available vacancies will be addressed here in this article with the application link.

You will enjoy impressive professional growth opportunities, be inspired by dynamic colleagues, and have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of outstanding students.

Now proceed below to get an overview of all the positions and check the field you can apply for!

Requirement To Teach In  Kuwait

A 4-year college degree (Bachelor’s) and a teaching license are typically required to teach in Kuwait.

Many international schools also require some prior teaching experience, and you are unlikely to need a TEFL certificate to teach in Kuwait.

Teachers interested in jobs in Kuwait should be flexible, open-minded, and have a good understanding of Arabic culture and customs.

Elementary, middle, and secondary school job opportunities in Kuwait are open to licensed teachers with at least 1-2 years of experience at the appropriate level.

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Available Teaching Jobs In Kuwait

Universal American School seeks enthusiastic, energetic, stable, team-playing, dedicated professionals with a passion for providing quality teaching and a genuine desire to adapt to the local culture and customs.

A package including salary, furnished accommodations, medical and life insurance, shipping allowance, visa procurement, reduced tuition for dependent children, and annual return airfare make this an exciting opportunity in Kuwait.

The Vacancies include

1. High School Positions

– High School English/AP Language / Literature

High school English/AP Language/Literature teachers are education professionals who instruct students in grades nine through twelve in bachelor’ of English.

They prepare lesson plans to cover the approved curriculum and teach classes. They are needed in the Universal American School of Kuwait.

– High School AP Psychology/Psychology

Psychology teachers instruct students on concepts of human behaviors and why people act the way they do. Through observational analysis, the scientific method, and psychological theories, they explain different psychological conditions, therapies, and treatments.

High school Psychology teachers also need to have student teaching experience and a state certification or a bachelor’s degree.

2. Middle School Positions

Middle School Science – A science teacher provides instruction and guidance to help students explore and understand essential concepts in science, including problem-solving and how to gather evidence to support ideas or decisions.

Science teachers create lesson plans, present science demonstrations, and grade tests and assignments.

3. Elementary School Positions

– Elementary School Teachers Grade 1-2

The elementary teachers educate first and second-grade students in elementary-level child writing, math, social studies, and science.

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Take note that the students are usually still learning to read proficiently at this stage and are learning basic addition and subtraction in math; hence teachers must prepare lesson plans for grade-level content.

4. Early Childhood Positions

Early Childhood Teacher – Early childhood teachers help children develop language, vocabulary, and elementary numeracy and improve physical and social skills.

Early childhood teachers work with groups of children or one-on-one, depending on the type of lesson and the child’s needs

5. Graphic Designer

The school’s professional graphic designer must use digital illustration, photo editing, and layout software to create designs. Design layouts and select colors, images, and typefaces to use.

Create visual elements such as logos, original images, and illustrations that help deliver the desired message to students and other purposes.

How To Apply

Applicants who would like to join in creating an outstanding teaching and learning environment at the Universal American School Kuwait, please review the above vacancies and send them your resume along with copies of your degrees, transcripts, teaching certificate/license, reference letters, via email, through the below.

Apply Now

The Salary Of Teachers In Kuwait

A person working in Teaching / Education in Kuwait typically earns around 1,340 KWD per month.

Salaries range from 640 KWD (lowest average) to 2,450 KWD (highest average)

The average monthly salary includes housing, transport, and other benefits.

Conclusion On Teaching Jobs In Kuwait 2023/2024

You can see the above lists of Teaching Jobs In Kuwait 2023/2024, with the additional benefits of your learning and working in a lovely place like Kuwait.

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Now’s your chance, with this selection of Teaching Jobs In Kuwait 2023/2024; you, therefore, have no limitation in taking them up to start your work.

The article above gives crucial information about the Teaching Jobs In Kuwait in 2023/2024  for foreigners to start applying.

After your search, applying, and finally getting recruited, you can enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to gain a beautiful experience.

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